Puck Cheese Sticks, 6 x 18 g

QAR 10.00
QAR 10.00

Puck Cheese Sticks, 6 x 18 g

Product Summary


  • Hunger filler
  • A super snack for active children
  • Contains calcium


Puck Cheese Sticks is the ultimate hunger filler and super snack for active children. These cheese sticks are packed with goodness and provide a quick and convenient source of energy. With their delicious taste and satisfying texture, they are sure to keep hunger at bay and provide the fuel needed for a busy day of play and learning. Not only are Puck Cheese Sticks a tasty snack, but they also contain calcium, an essential nutrient for growing children. Give your kids a nutritious and delicious snack they'll love with Puck Cheese Sticks.

Product Information

Brand Puck
Content 6 x 18 g
Type Snacking
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