Marrath Smart Video Doorbellenable two-way video call from your mobile when a visitor presses the doorbell. You will also receive a push notification when human presence is detected, or someone rings the doorbell. It provides the convenience to respond to your doorbell from anywhere while providing additional security for your loved ones at home.                                                                     

  • Two-way voice real-time face-to-face video call with visitors.
  • Push notification to mobile when a visitor presses the call bell.
  • Motion detection alarm to the mobile APP.
  • Automatically takes 20 seconds video of every movement in front of the doorbell and sends it to your mobile APP.
  • Rechargeable Battery Wireless Security Doorbell.                                                
  • 1080P HD Images & Night Vision.
  • Two-Way Audio & Weatherproof IP65.
  • 10 Minutes Quick Set-up.
  • High-durability material and weatherproof.
  • Suitable for homes, apartments, and hotels.
  • Add to the ‘Marrath Home’ APP and share the device with all family members.
  • CE and ROHS certified.



Cloud Support for Storage

To ensure easy storage of pictures and videos of visitors, the smart doorbell offers the option for cloud storage in the SD card.


Marrath Home App

Marrath Smart Home connects all your home appliances into one mobile app so that you monitor and control them from anywhere in the world. Never miss a visitor and share the joy with your family.


Indoor Chime Ensures Convenience

The smart doorbell comes with a chime, which can be installed anywhere in your house. With the help of a chime, you can get a real-time doorbell ringing notification just like a normal doorbell.


High Battery Power

To power the smart doorbell, there is two 18650 Lithium rechargeable battery powered to give a long-time smooth performance.


PIR Infrared Human Body Induction

Marrath Smart Video Doorbell comes with PIR Infrared Human Body Induction. Thus, when the visitor enters this sensor range, it will help to accurately detect human activity for safer and more secure use. 20 seconds video of all the motions in front of the door is automatically saved in the SD card or in the optional cloud storage.


Access Camera from Multiple Devices

With the help of the Marrath App, you can now add all your family members and allow them access to monitor the smart doorbells from everywhere. This will also allow them to receive the call simultaneously when the visitor presses the doorbell.


Ultra-Wide Viewing

The smart doorbell camera is stacked with a 140 Ultra-Wide Field of View, which will help you detect a wide area surrounding your main door. The inbuilt camera also features motion detection and night vision for added security.


1080p Full HD Quality

Marrath Smart Video Doorbell offers you 1080-pixel Full HD video quality. Easily connect your smart doorbell with your mobile with the help of the Marrath Home APP and detect every visitor simultaneously from all family members' mobile from anywhere.


2-ways Audio

This smart doorbell has two-way communications enabled to boost the security of your house. The two-way video chat with your visitor also lets you enjoy the convenience of knowing the whereabouts of their visit.


IP65 Waterproof

The doorbell is made of strong fiberglass and IP65 waterproof hence proving long life and durability.


Smart Wi-Fi Video Doorbell

Marrath Smart Video Doorbell with Wi-Fi connectivity offers you the safety and convenience you might have longed for. The smart video doorbell sends photos and videos of every movement to the Marrath Home APP in real-time along with a push notification using artificial intelligence technology.


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