HashECM Technologies provide on-premise as well as cloud-deployed enterprise software solutions and mobility applications. Our solutions are in the areas of Enterprise Content Management, Business Process Management, Content Analytics, Information Life cycle Governance, Enterprise Portals and Mobility. We are a young organization driven by a passion to exceed customer expectations consistently. We focus on the Middle-East markets catering to organizations in government, oil and gas, defence, banking and financial services. We are headquartered in Bangalore, India with operational facilities in Doha-Qatar and Kuwait.

  • Share tasks, forms and documents electronically. Transform paper to searchable electronic documents.
  • Set access control on documents. See only what you are authorized to
  • Use efficient ways for reviews and approvals. Use annotations and sticky notes to comment on tasks & documents
  • Let IT folks stay out of your workflows. You create and manage them.
  • Leave tracking & hand-offs to the system. You focus on more important tasks
  • Work from home, office or airport. Access your tasks & documents on any device




All your contracts & maintenance Task at your fingertips!

conTRACKS gives you full control over your contract portfolio and makes contract management a breeze. conTRACKS provides you with powerful possibilities to stay on top of your maintenance related events.

  • Contract Repository
  • Customer Management.
  • Periodic Maintenance Reminders, Task Allocation and Tracking
  • On Field Service Team Task Management Mobile App
  • Reporting


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