TRANSIGHT - IVMS Smart Fleet management

Compass with AIS 140

Transight is a complete Fleet Management System(FMS) synchronized with an automated GPS/GPRS Network Modem that collects instant positions, speed, status and other details of vehicles, containers and other mobile carriers running anywhere in the globe.Transight online tracking system allowing tracing vehicles on various smart gadgetswith smooth performance of mobile and desktop apps.

  • • State-of-the-art satellite tracking system with Real Time Tracking, Fleet Management and Vehicle Diagnostic Capabilities.
  • • Help users track their fleets with live position, speed, route travelled, engine status etc.
  • • Provides an Fleet ERP software to manage different class of fleet applications
  • • Supporting Vehicle Diagnostics by identifying trouble codes
  • • Highly interactive user interface in both online and offline modes.
  • • Mobile applications to track vehicles live instantly and identify troubles.

Transight offers its valuable customers a highly secured data pool where all the incoming information about the vehicles, users and other applications are stored, sorted and structured. The user could access any previous history about the vehicle position, routes, reports and expenses anytime through phone or PC.

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