Turkish Grilled Green Olives 300g

QAR 12.00
QAR 12.00

Turkish Grilled Green Olives 300g

Product Summary


  • Made from highest quality green olives of Turkey
  • Dynamic and interesting snack for relishing whenever hunger hits hard
  • Marinated and grilled with the choicest ingredient to treat your taste buds
  • Delicious appetizer ideal for serving at parties with a drink
  • Unique aromatic taste that amplifies up your snacking experience

Product Description

Treat yourself to a tangy snack with these Turkish Imp Olive Grilled Green Olives. Made from the highest quality and fresh olives, these are marinated and grilled with the choicest ingredient to treat your taste buds. The combination of natural smoked flavours and gives the olives a delicious and savoury taste. You can relish the grilled olives on their own as an appetizer. Or serve them as a side dish, pizza topping, or salad with a drink. Besides, you can add these to various dishes, including slow-cooked fish, spicy seafood cocktails, braised chicken, and more. Did you know that olives have immense revitalizing and nourishing properties for your skin?

These grilled olives are rich in polyphenols which have effective antioxidant properties. This nutrient strengthens the immune system while keeping overall health intact. Plus, the infusion of other choicest spices treats your taste sensation and keeps you satisfied whenever hunger strikes.

Keep the green olives in a dry place, away from direct sunlight. Enjoy them hot or cold with any beverage.

Product Information

Content 300g
Brand Fresh
Type Green Olives
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