ULKER- A Quality Range of  Biscuits, Cookies, Crackers, and Chocolates

Ülker is a major Turkish manufacturer of food products, which are exported internationally, to 110 countries. The company's core products are biscuits, cookies, crackers, and chocolates, although Ülker has expanded to other product categories.

Ulker Cubuk Stick Cracker 30 g

أدنى سعر للكمية من QAR 1.00

Ulker Kat Kat Tat 24 g

أدنى سعر للكمية من QAR 1.50

Ulker Halley Cake Chocolate Coated Sandwich Biscuit 30 g

أدنى سعر للكمية من QAR 1.25

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