Ajmi Special Pathiri Podi 1 kg

QAR 6.75
QAR 6.75
Ajmi Special Pathiri Podi 1 kg

Product Summary

  • Made from specially selected and quality rice that everyone will love
  • Naturally soft and white for mouthwatering Pathiris
  • Vegetarian-friendly suitable for everyone to relish
  • Fine texture to prepare extremely crispy pathiri
  • Contains high fibre that keeps you fuller for longer hours
  • Recyclable container catering to environmental requirements
  • Country of Origin: India

Show off your culinary skills by preparing a healthy breakfast with the Ajmi Special Pathiri Podi. It is hygienically made from specially selected, quality rice and finely ground to create the perfect pathiris that everyone will love. This ethnic breakfast powder makes naturally soft, crispy, and white pathiris while giving the ideal texture for a delightful experience. Additionally, the rice powder is vegetarian friendly, making it suitable for everyone to enjoy a delicious and hearty morning breakfast. Did you know that the world's first-ever breakfast cereal was prepared in 1863? It required overnight soaking to be chewable.

This pathiri podi contains a healthy amount of insoluble fibres, zinc, calcium, and other nutrients. They promote healthy digestion, maintain bone health, and keep you fueled for the day.

Transfer the powder into an airtight container after opening the packet. Keep the container in a cool, hygienic, and dry place. Always use a dry spoon.

Product Information

Type Ethnic Breakfast Powder
Content 1kg
Brand Ajmi
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