QAR 23.25
QAR 23.25

Al Balad White Eggs Large 30pcs

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Product Summary:

  • Enjoy the freshness of large white chicken eggs, known for their high quality.
  • These Grade A eggs are a perfect addition to a balanced diet, offering a rich and delicious taste.
  • Packed with essential nutrients, including vitamins A, B, D, and E, as well as phosphorus, selenium, riboflavin, and more.
  • Carefully sourced to guarantee freshness, taste, and overall quality.
  • Get creative with your culinary skills by making shakshuka, a flavorful dish featuring baked eggs poached in a rich tomato sauce with spices and vegetables.
  • Alternatively, fry the eggs in butter or oil, preparing them sunny side up or over easy for a simple yet delightful meal.
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