Baby Life Baby Diaper Pants Size 5 XL Maxi 11-18 kg 36 pcs

QAR 40.00
QAR 40.00
Baby Life Baby Diaper Pants Size 5 XL Maxi 11-18 kg 36 pcs

Product Summary

  • Made from soft materials like cotton ensures a gentle and comfortable feel against your baby's delicate skin, preventing irritation or discomfort, especially for babies with sensitive skin
  • Leakage Protection to keep your baby dry and prevent leaks. This includes features such as absorbent cores, leak guards, and dual leak channels to quickly absorb and distribute liquid, as well as elastic waistbands and leg cuffs to create a secure fit and prevent leaks from the sides
  • With breathable materials promote air circulation, allowing the baby's skin to stay dry and reducing the risk of rashes or irritation
  • Featuring easy-open sides make diaper changes more convenient and efficient. Allowing for quick and easy removal without having to pull the diaper down. This feature is especially helpful when dealing with messy diapers or when your baby is on the move

Content 36pcs
Size Large (8-16kg)
Brand Baby Life
Type Baby Trainer Pants
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