Chupa Chups Mini Sour Tube Mix Fruit Jellies 85.5 g

QAR 5.25
QAR 5.25
Chupa Chups Mini Sour Tube Mix Fruit Jellies 85.5 g

Product Summary

  • Soft and chewy mixed fruit flavours
  • New Chupa Chups sour jelly tubes with center filling
  • A tangy and acidic flavor that adds an exciting element to the candy-eating experience
  • The sourness is often balanced with a touch of sweetness, creating a well-rounded flavor profile
  • Offer a burst of fruity flavor and a joyful candy experience
  • Individually wrapped to ensure freshness and convenience

Delight your taste buds with the Chupa Chups Mini Sour Tube Mix Fruit Jellies, an 85.5g burst of tangy and sweet indulgence. This vibrant tube is filled with an assortment of mini fruit jellies that promise a flavor-packed adventure with every bite. Chupa Chups, known for their iconic lollipops, bring the same level of fun and creativity to these sour delights. The mix of fruity flavors offers a delightful contrast of sweetness and sourness, making it a perfect treat for those who crave a playful twist to their snack time.


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Product Information

Brand Chupa Chups
Content 85.5g
Type Candy
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