Crystale Platinum & Dishwasher Tabs, 39 Pcs

QAR 29.75
QAR 29.75
Crystale Platinum & Dishwasher Tabs, 39 Pcs

Product Summary

  • Works even at 30C
  • Protects stainless steel and glossy dishes
  • Protects against corrosion and glass matting
  • Active oxygen helps with removal of coffee and tea stains
  • For best results remove food scraps from dishes before placing them in the dishwasher

Experience the brilliance of sparkling clean dishes with Crystale Platinum & Dishwasher Tabs, a pack of 39 convenient and powerful tabs that effortlessly handle tough food stains and grease. These tabs are meticulously designed to provide exceptional cleaning performance while being gentle on your dishes and glassware. The advanced formula ensures thorough cleaning, leaving your dishes spotless and residue-free. The built-in rinse aid and salt action help prevent watermarks and ensure a streak-free shine, making your dishes look as good as new. With Crystale Platinum & Dishwasher Tabs, achieving pristine and gleaming dishes has never been easier. Simply pop a tab into your dishwasher and enjoy the convenience of consistently sparkling results after every wash.

Product Information

Brand Crystale
Content 39 Pcs
Type Dishwasher Tablets
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