Dac Disinfectant Lavender, 1.5 Litres

QAR 15.00
QAR 15.00

Dac Disinfectant Lavender, 1.5 Litres

Product Summary

  • DAC Lavender Disinfectant for effective cleaning and disinfection
  • Infused with a pleasant lavender scent for a refreshing and aromatic environment
  • Suitable for various surfaces, including floors, countertops, and household items
  • Kills germs and bacteria to maintain a hygienic living space
  • Provides both cleaning and deodorizing benefits in one solution
  • Can be used for mopping, wiping, or added to cleaning solutions for diverse applications

Product Description

Upgrade your hygiene routine with DAC Disinfectant in the soothing Lavender variant. This generous 1.5-liter bottle of disinfectant is designed to keep your surroundings clean and refreshed. The gentle yet effective Lavender fragrance not only sanitizes but also leaves a lingering sense of calm in the air. DAC Disinfectant is a powerful ally in maintaining a germ-free environment, suitable for use on various surfaces to ensure your home or workplace is hygienic and welcoming. With its large capacity, this lavender-infused disinfectant is a convenient and practical choice for promoting a clean and pleasant atmosphere in your space. Prioritize cleanliness with DAC Disinfectant Lavender, offering both protection and a delightful scent.

Product Information

Content 1.5 Litres
Brand Dac
Type Disinfectants

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