Eastern Kashmiri Chilly Powder 180g

QAR 8.00
QAR 8.00

Eastern Kashmiri Chilly Powder 180g

Product Summary


  • Rich spice results in a red, thick and spicy gravy
  • Flavour-lock processing extends the shelf life
  • Derived from the finest ingredients for good quality
  • Enhances the flavour and texture of homemade recipes
  • Hygienically packed and stored under strict controls to ensure that the natural properties of the products are well preserved
  • Product of India


Introduce a fiery twist to your homemade recipes with the Eastern Kashmiri Chilly Powder. Derived from the finest ingredients, this flavour-enhancing powder weaves in an element of hot-and-spicy fervour into your regular curries and broths. It is treated with flavour-lock processing to extend the shelf life, letting you savour its rich, spicy taste over the course of many delicious meals. In addition, the powder thickens the gravy with a mouth-watering red colour to enrich the look and texture of the preparation. Made for use in a variety of palatable delicacies, this spicy ingredient surprises you with the way it brings out a new, more exciting form of your regular cuisines. So, go ahead and sprinkle some Kashmiri chilli powder over that simmering broth to discover a new finger-licking taste!

Product Information

Content 180g
Brand Eastern
Type Spices
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