Fresh Paneer 300 g

QAR 11.75
QAR 11.75
Fresh Paneer 300 g

Product Summary

  • Soft and fresh paneer with a sweet flavour and spongy texture
  • Enriched with the goodness of protein, calcium, and vitamin D
  • A good source of selenium and potassium
  • A wonderful choice for any vegetarian diet
  • Sourced carefully to ensure good quality
  • A highly versatile ingredient that can be used for making curries, stews, and spreads
  • Can also be used as toppings on cooked veggies or can be mixed with salads

Product Description

Create tasty snacks and meals with the Fresh Paneer. These paneer cubes are a great source of protein and calcium for a healthy diet. Whether added to curries, grated on top of cooked veggies or mixed in a salad, kids and adults alike are sure to savor the delightful taste of pure Indian natural cottage cheese. Get creative in the kitchen and mash the paneer cubes with some spices and sauce for a delicious spread for a sandwich. You can also season some Fresh paneer cubes with salt and pepper and pack them into school or work lunches along for a satisfying snack.
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