Gourmet Crispy Chicken Fillet 1kg

QAR 26.00
QAR 26.00

Gourmet Crispy Chicken Fillet 1kg

Product Summary


  • Made using halal chicken breast meat for a delicious taste
  • Chicken fillets offer a juicy texture
  • Can be served with burgers, sandwiches, and multiple side dishes for flavorsome mealtime
  • Great choice of snack to carry and have anytime of the day
  • Product of Qatar


Product Description

Enjoy a tasty treat with these delectable Gourmet Crispy Chicken Fillet. These halal chicken fillets are well-seasoned and coated with crisp breading for that extra-crunchy texture. They are made from quality chicken sourced from the best farm poultry for maximum quality. Ensure that only the healthiest and best-tasting breaded chicken fillets are delivered to you. Chicken is abundant in protein and other essential nutrients that support a healthy diet. You can deep-fry or oven-fry these fillets for a golden brown colour, and serve them with dips or sauces as a mouth-watering appetizer. These delicious and crispy chicken fillets are easy to cook, saving you precious meal-prep time.

Product Information

Brand Gourmet
Content 1kg
Type Nuggets
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