Hen Farm Cage Free Brown Egg, 6 pcs

QAR 8.50
QAR 8.50

Hen Farm Cage Free Brown Egg, 6 pcs

Product Summary


  • Sourced from hens that are raised in a cage-free environment for ethical and humane practices
  • It boasts the natural and rich brown colour characteristic of cage-free, farm-fresh egg
  • Eggs are sourced locally, ensuring freshness and supporting local farming
  • Ideal for various culinary applications such as baking, cooking, and breakfast dishes
  • Cage-free eggs are known for being rich in essential nutrients, including protein and vitamins


The Hen Farm Cage-Free Brown Eggs is now available in a convenient package of 6. Sourced from hens that roam freely and enjoy a natural diet, these brown eggs are rich in flavor and boast a vibrant, golden yolk. Perfect for those who prioritize ethical and sustainable choices in their food, Hen Farm Cage-Free Brown Eggs guarantee not only a delicious addition to your meals but also peace of mind knowing that the hens are treated with care and respect. Whether scrambled, fried, or used in baking, these eggs bring a touch of wholesomeness to your table, making each meal a truly satisfying and conscientious experience.

Product Information

Content 6 pcs
Brand Hen Farm
Type Brown Eggs
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