Irish Coffee Cake Medium 1.1 kg

QAR 58.25
QAR 58.25

Irish Coffee Cake Medium 1.1 kg

Product Summary

  • Baked using finest ingredients for improved texture and flavour
  • Walls covered with almond slices for nuttiness
  • Swirls at the rim framing a patterned centre for aesthetics
  • Fluffy cake with creamy layers feels delightful to bite into
  • Wonderful surprise to commemorate special events

Product Description

Take some time off from your daily hustle and enjoy a quick cup of coffee and the delicious Medium Irish Coffee Cake to go with it. Prepared from the highest quality ingredients, this delicious medium cake offers a tiny piece of heaven with its delectable creamy taste and soft texture. It has a soft vanilla sponge cake base enriched with mocha coffee and whipping cream. To add a nutty texture and taste, the walls of the Irish coffee cake is covered with slices of toasted almonds. For decoration, the cake rim is iced with large overlapping swirls that frame a dark patterned centre.

Product Information

Content: 1pc
Brand: Lulu
Ingredients:  Flour, Whipping Cream, Coffee Powder, Almond Slice, Sugar, Baking powder, Vanilla Powder, Egg, Water, Salt
Type: Instore Produced Cream Cakes
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