Lucky Me Instant Noodle Soup Beef Mami 40 g

QAR 3.00
QAR 3.00
Lucky Me Instant Noodle Soup Beef Mami 40 g

Product Summary

  • Ready-to-eat instant Beef Mami to soothe your noodle cravings
  • Prepared using the choicest ingredients for a great taste
  • Lip-smacking beef flavour leaves an unforgettable taste
  • Soft noodles dipped in light broth delight your palate
  • Keep the pack in a hygienic place to prevent spoilage

The Lucky Me Beef Mami Instant Noodle Soup makes a great meal when you crave something flavourful made instantly. When you taste the soft noodles dipped in beef-flavoured broth, your taste buds will come to life. This ready-to-eat instant noodle soup is packed with rich and flavoursome spices for an unforgettable taste. A little hot water, when added to the cup, works like magic to create your favourite dish in minutes. To make the noodle soup enticing, you can garnish it with meat chunks and chopped vegetables. Beef Mami is believed to be developed by Ma Mon Luk, a Chinese immigrant to the Philippines. He began selling noodles served with chicken broth and chicken meat in Binondo, Manila, in 1920.

This beef-flavoured noodle soup is prepared with the finest ingredients to offer you the best taste and aroma in every bite. Ready-to-eat meals become more convenient when you are not in the mood to cook or are travelling.

This noodle soup comes in a sealed cup to keep the contents fresh for long. You can place it in a cool and dry area to prevent spoilage.

Product Information

Type Instant Noodles
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