LuLu Saffron Essence 28 ml

QAR 2.00
QAR 2.00
LuLu Saffron Essence 28 ml

Product Summary

  • Made with food-safe ingredients that do not impact the nutritional content of other foods
  • Contains zero alcohol to match your diet preferences
  • Nature-identical essence offers edible use
  • Yummy saffron flavour enhances the taste of your dishes
  • Ideal for sprucing up your desserts, ice cream, baked dishes, sauces, and more
  • Securely and hygienically packed for safe storage
  • Made in Sultanate of Oman

Visual feasting is very important before the real feast, and this Lulu Saffron Essence is perfect for that. It is free from alcohol for safe consumption by kids and adults. Plus, the edible essence adds a deep saffron hue and subtle flavour to your favourite recipes, making them even more appetising. It is ideal for sprucing up desserts, ice cream, baked dishes, sauces, and other preparations.

Product Information

Content 28ml
Brand LuLu PL
Type Food Colouring & Essences
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