Lulu Special Character Cake 3 kg

QAR 75.00
QAR 75.00

Lulu Special Character Cake 3 kg

Product Summary


  • A fun character cake with the deliciousness of vanilla
  • Baked with the goodness of milk powder, vanilla, eggs, and fresh cream
  • Rich with a sweet and smooth layer of sugar icing
  • Decorated with sugar paste animal toys
  • Perfect for childrens themed birthday parties
  • Sourced carefully to ensure quality and freshness

Product Description

Celebrate your special occasion in a fun and unique way with our character cake. This playful and decorative cake with toy animals makes the perfect center piece for birthday parties, baby showers, or any other fun gathering. The versatility and mild flavor of vanilla can make the cake enjoyable for people of all ages. Made with a simple and fluffy vanilla sponge and sugar icing on the top, this cake is the perfect size for a fun, playful treat. If you want to surprise your kids with a fun and delicious cake, then this LuLu Charater Cake is a perfect choice!

Product Information

Content 1 kg Approx .Weight
Brand Lulu Bakery
Type Whole Cake
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