LuLu Ultra Active Automatic Lavender Washing Powder 3 kg

QAR 20.25
QAR 20.25
LuLu Ultra Active Automatic Lavender Washing Powder 3 kg

Product Summary

  • Contains special formula that eliminates toughest of fabric stains
  • Infused with a delicate lavender fragrance that leaves a wonderful scent on the clothes
  • Ultra-active ingredients execute a faster cleaning action
  • Versatile washing powder suitable for all kinds of fabrics
  • Designed for top-load and front-load washing machines

Product Description

Dress up clean and fresh every day by doing the laundry with the Lulu Lavender Washing Powder. Specifically formulated to eliminate the toughest of stains, this washing powder directly targets the impurities clinging to the fabric mesh for completely removing them. Its ultra-active ingredients start the purging process immediately to leave the fabric clean in no time. In addition, the washing powder is infused with lavender fragrance that leaves your clothes smelling wonderful after the wash. This versatile formula can be used for all kinds of fabrics, right from a delicate cotton t-shirt to a warm sweatshirt. Adding to this versatility, you can feed in the washing powder in both top-load and front-load washing machines for automatic cleaning.

Product Information

Content 3kg
Brand LuLu PL
Type Top Load Washing Powder
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