Lurpak Butter Garlic Block 125g

QAR 9.00
QAR 9.00

Lurpak Butter Garlic Block 125g

Product Summary


  • Lurpak garlic butter in a compact 125g block
  • Made with 100% fresh cow's milk
  • The creaminess of Lurpak with the rich taste of garlic
  • Perfect for spreading, slathering or searing
  • Soft and creamy textured
  • Suitable for vegetarians


Soft, creamy, unmistakably fresh and ever-so-slightly aromatic, Lurpak has a distinctive taste, which has become a modern classic and kitchen staple.

Lurpak Garlic Butter has a rich taste and is perfect for spreading, slathering or searing.

Why, you ask? Simply because.Good Food Deserves Lurpak!

Product Information

Type Butter
Content 125g
Brand Lurpak
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