Lurpak Soft Butter Salted 400 g

QAR 19.75
QAR 19.75
Lurpak Soft Butter Salted 400 g

Product Summary

  • Introducing New Lurpak Soft
  • The perfect blend of Lurpak butter and canola oil
  • Its Soft, easy-to-use texture makes it optimal for both cooking & baking
  • Use in the frying pan for golden meat, chicken or vegetables
  • Spoon on to rice for the perfect texture and rich buttery taste
  • Or whisk with sugar for lighter and fluffier cakes
  • The ideal kitchen ally, the tub is resealable and easy to store - so no mess!
  • Made from 100% Natural ingredients
  • Store in the fridge
  • Enjoy Easy Cooking and Easy Baking with Lurpak Soft

Lurpak Soft, the great taste of Lurpak ready to use straight from the fridge. The soft texture means you dont have to worry about preparation and can spend your time being creative in the kitchen. Elevate your cooking with the New Lurpak Soft .

A spoon of Lurpak Soft butter will give your dishes an extra dose of flavour. Recreate your favourite dishes: Kabsa, Knafeh, Basboseh ,Maamoul , Butter chicken , Paneer Butter Masala and many more.

Cooking Tip:
When pan-frying, the earlier you season and flavour your meat, chicken or vegetables the tastier your dish will be by the end. So, as soon as your meat/chicken/vegetables are in the pan browning over with Lurpak Soft, add your salt, pepper and any other flavourings. Enjoy!

Product Information

Type Butter
Content 400g
Brand Lurpak
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