Lux Perfumed Hand Wash, Soft Rose, 200 ml

QAR 10.00
QAR 10.00
Lux Perfumed Hand Wash, Soft Rose, 200 ml

Product Summary

  • Soft rose with blooming scent of sweet french rose fills the air while each drop infused with floral fusion oil smoothes your skin
  • Pampered with perfume while your hands are gently cleansed and moisturized
  • Soft on hands with glycerine

Get a luxurious hand washing experience with Lux Perfumed Hand Wash in the Soft Rose variant. Envelop your senses in the delicate and captivating aroma of soft roses while you cleanse your hands thoroughly. Infused with the essence of fine fragrance, this hand wash not only effectively removes dirt and germs but also leaves your skin feeling pampered and refreshed. The gentle formula is designed to provide a soothing and hydrating touch, making it suitable for everyday use. Enjoy the elegance and sophistication of Lux Perfumed Hand Wash, and let the enchanting scent of soft roses linger on your skin, adding a touch of luxury to your daily rituals.

Product Information

Type Liquid Hand Wash
Content 200 ml
Brand Lux
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