Mazzraty Pineapple Flavored Yoghurt 170 g

QAR 1.75
QAR 1.75

Mazzraty Pineapple Flavored Yoghurt 170 g

Product Summary

  • Blend of sweet pineapple and tangy flavour for a lip-smacking delight
  • Low-fat yoghurt helps to maintain good health
  • Fortified with probiotics that help support your digestive health
  • Made from reconstituted cow's milk to provide all the essential nutrients
  • Ideal for all the sweet-tooth people for a guilt-free snacking

Product Description

Add some fruity flavour to your healthy diet with the Mazzraty Probio Pineapple Yoghurt. It tastes great and is fortified with probiotics that help support digestive health, making it an ideal choice for snack time. And because the yoghurt is made from reconstituted milk, there are proteins and carbohydrates that will power you through your morning or afternoon workout, while also providing calcium and energy to keep you going strong. Did you know? Pineapples renew themselves! You can plant pineapple leaves to start a new plant.


The yoghurt has a pineapple flavour that makes it super yummy and irresistible. This low-in-fat yoghurt is fortified with probiotics, which help you stay healthy and keep your metabolism going.


Store this pack in a cool, dry place. Make sure to keep the yoghurt pack between 3 degrees Celsius and 5 degrees Celsius to get the most out of its delicious taste every time.

Product Information

  • Type Flavoured Yoghurt
  • Content 170 g
  • Brand Mazzraty
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