Mountain Dew Bottle 1.75Litre

QAR 5.00
QAR 5.00

Mountain Dew Bottle 1.75Litre

Product Summary


  • Perfect on-the-go soft drink to beat the summer heat
  • Carbonated soft drink for that instant energy boost
  • Has an edgy citrusy taste that keeps you highly energised throughout the day
  • Ready-to-serve drink that would be a hit at any party or event
  • Super refreshing energy drink to grab at any time and anywhere to quench your thirst

Product Description

Refresh and replenish your body by getting your hands on the Mountain Dew Bottle. This carbonated soft drink has an edgy citrusy taste that keeps you active and highly energised throughout the day. Mountain dew is a great beverage to celebrate your bold, adventurous and rebellious spirit. Plus, the beverage is a ready-to-serve drink that you can enjoy with pizzas and snacks at a nigh-out, get-togethers, or any occasion. Did you know? 100% juice is considered a nutrient-dense beverage per calorie.

Mountain dew contains caffeine that instantly lifts your mood and charges you up to go for the day. The edgy citrusy taste gives it an extra punch, making it a high-energy drink to relish anytime, anywhere.

Refrigerate the Mountain Dew bottle and serve it chilled to enjoy the drink to the fullest. Store the bottle in a dry place away from direct heat and sunlight for extended shelf life.

Product Information

  • Type Carbonated Drinks
  • Brand Mountain Dew
  • Content 1.75Litre
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