Mountain Dew Carbonated Soft Drink Mini Cans 150 ml

QAR 2.25
QAR 2.25

Mountain Dew Carbonated Soft Drink Mini Cans 150 ml

Product Summary


  • Sweet, citrus taste and deeply refreshing
  • With caffeine to help you boost your energy levels
  • Perfect quench thirst during for hot days, trips, and both outdoor & indoor activities

Product Description

Deliciously sweet and refreshing, Mountain Dew is a unique citrus-flavoured drink that instantly quenches your thirst and exhilarates your senses.

With its distinctly vivid colour, intense lemony taste and the addition of caffeine, Mountain Dew invigorates both body and mind, inspiring you to live your life with passion and stay open to new challenges. Available in convenient mini cans of 155ml in a pack of 15, Mountain Dew is a perfect choice for all those adventure-seekers and sport lovers who like to stay active and enjoy their favourite drink anywhere they go. Lighter than a usual can, it makes for a great treat for hot summer days, spontaneous trips and other outdoor activities.

Awaken the spirit of adventure within you with the unique taste of Mountain Dew.

Product Information

  • Type Carbonated Drinks
  • Brand Mountain Dew
  • Content 30 x 150ml
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