Pampers Premium Protection Diaper Size 6 13+ kg 19 pcs

QAR 47.00
QAR 47.00
Pampers Premium Protection Diaper Size 6 13+ kg 19 pcs

Product Summary

  • Comfortable, Superior Fit: Premium protection are our most comfortable diapers constructed with cotton-like materials and soft, These diapers have stretchy belt and legs cuffs that adapt to the baby's movements for a gentle fit
  • Runny-Mess Absorption: The only diaper lined with a unique Absorb-Away Layer
  • Quick Dry System: Pampers premium protection diapers feel silky soft while pulling wetness away from your babys skin, driven by its super adsorbent quilts
  • All around Leakage Protection: Formulated to protect your baby for more than 12 hours, these Pampers diapers are comfortable and safe for long-term wear
  • Keeping your baby's bottom dry also helps to prevent diaper rash
  • German Technology: Designed with trusted German Technology for even better-quality assurance, these baby diapers ensure that leakage is one less thing for you to worry about when it comes to your active little one
  • Dermatologically tested and safe

Content19 pcs
Brand Pampers
Diaper SizeXX Large (16+ kg)
Type Baby Nappies
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