Pocari Sweat Powder Drink Sachet, 66 g

QAR 4.25
QAR 4.25
Pocari Sweat Powder Drink Sachet, 66 g

Product Summary

  • A convenient sachet containing sweat powder drink
  • Provides refreshing hydration and electrolyte replenishment
  • Replaces essential minerals lost through sweating
  • Mixes easily with water for instant hydration
  • Easy-to-carry sachet for convenience

Quench your thirst and replenish electrolytes on-the-go with the Pocari Sweat Powder Drink Sachet your convenient source of refreshing hydration! Each sachet contains the power of sweat powder drink, making it a breeze to stay refreshed and recharged. It's specially formulated to replace the essential minerals lost through sweating, ensuring your body's balance is restored. Simply mix it with water for instant hydration, wherever you are. Designed for ease, these easy-to-carry sachets fit seamlessly into your daily routine, so you can stay at the top of your game.

Product Information

Type Sports Drink
Content 66 g
Brand Pocari
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