Puck Cream Cheese Squares 12 Portions 216 g

QAR 8.50
QAR 8.50
Puck Cream Cheese Squares 12 Portions 216 g

Product Summary

  • Simply delicious, soft and creamy cheese squares
  • Tasty and nutritious choice for your everyday breakfast
  • Source of Calcium
  • Source of Vitamin A & D

Make mornings good with Puck Cream Cheese Squares, a tasty and nutritious choice to kick-start the day for you and your family. Puck Squares are made from rich, high-quality cream cheese and are a delicious source of calcium and vitamins A and D.


270 kcal carbohydrates 3g protein 8.5g Fat 25g of which saturated fatty acids 21.29g of which trans fatty acids 0.50g

Contains Dairy


Product Information

Brand Puck
IngredientsCream cheese produced from (Pasteurized skimmed cows milk, cream, Starter culture), butter, nutritional cows milk proteins, pasteurized skimmed cows milk powder, salt, emulsifier salts (E330, E331, E339, E452), stabilizers (E407, E508), preservatives (E202, E234), vitamin D, water.
Type Snacking
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