Qbake Milk Bread Small 1pkt

QAR 3.75
QAR 3.75

Qbake Milk Bread Small 1pkt

Product Summary


  • Made from high-quality ingredients for softness
  • Loaded with the goodness of milk for making the bread healthy
  • Provides energy and nourishment to your body
  • Tasty bread slices make a lovely breakfast
  • Ideal pick for your child's lunch box


Product Description

Make yourself a delicious and healthy breakfast each morning with the Qbake Milk Bread Small. This bread is made from the choicest of ingredients and the goodness of milk. This makes the bread a highly nutritious meal for the morning. The bread slices provide you with ample energy to function enthusiastically all throughout the day. You can eat this bread as it is or toast it and spread some butter, jam or other seasonings. The delicious taste of these bread slices also makes your little one eat it without any fuss.

Product Information

Type Breads and Rolls
Content 350g
Brand Qbake
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