Rio Mare Light Meat Tuna In Olive Oil 2 x 160 g

QAR 21.50
QAR 21.50

Rio Mare Light Meat Tuna In Olive Oil 2 x 160 g

Product Summary


  • This product combines high quality tuna with the best olive oil
  • It is the perfect ingredient for salads, pasta, sandwiches, savory pies and other recipes
  • This product also complies with a ketogenic diet
  • Ready to eat for a hassle-free experience
  • Country of origin: Italy


For over 40 years, Europeans have enjoyed Rio Mares tender and tasty Italian tuna fish that can be cut with a breadstick. What makes it unique is its distinctive pink color and its superior quality, which is guaranteed by rigorous checks and a double cleaning process carried out by hand. Its unmistakable taste is enhanced by a pinch of sea salt and Mediterranean olive oil. Exported to over 30 countries, the Rio Mare range of products includes tuna fish in olive oil or extra virgin olive oil, tuna in brine, tuna fillets, tuna salads, tuna for pasta, dressed tuna and tuna spread. In addition, Rio Mare selects and distributes salmon fillets, mackerel and sardines.

Product Information

Content 2 x 160g
Brand Rio Mare
Type Canned Tuna
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