Sadia Chicken Breast Cubes 750g

QAR 16.75
QAR 16.75

Sadia Chicken Breast Cubes 750g

Product Summary

  • Hygienically sourced from halal-cut chicken
  • Pre-cut and pre-cleaned for a convenient cooking experience
  • Features a tender and juicy texture
  • Provides an excellent source of proteins, vitamins, iron, and potassium
  • Makes a suitable addition to a healthy, low-fat diet
  • Perfect for grilling, deep-frying, or making curry preparations

Prepare a delicious starter for your guests with the Sadia Chicken Breast Cubes. They are sourced from halal-cut chicken and are cleaned before cutting to offer you convenience while cooking. These tender and juicy chicken breast cubes are sure to add a delicious flavour to all your dishes. You can marinate them for grilling, deep-frying, or making curry preparations. Chicken breast makes for the leanest cut of the chicken and cooks tenderly. It is suitable for those on a healthy, low-fat diet.

Chicken provides a rich source of protein, iron, and potassium, and these tender chicken breast cubes have low-fat content compared to other cuts of chicken. They are a good source of vitamin B, D, calcium, iron, and zinc and contain trace amounts of vitamin A and C.

You can store these tender and juicy chicken breast cubes in the freezer to ensure they stay fresh for a long time. These are pre-cut and pre-cleaned and are ready to use to offer a convenient cooking experience.

Product Information

Brand Sadia
Content 750g
Type Individually Quick Frozen

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