Sis White Sugar Cubes 454 g

QAR 5.25
QAR 5.25

Sis White Sugar Cubes 454 g

Product Summary

  • Meticulously processed from sugarcane for healthy consumption
  • Sweetens the flavour of your beverages and sweetmeats
  • Blends and dissolves quickly to minimise mixing time
  • Ideal for use at work, on the go, or in the house

Product Description

Add an element of sweetness to your refreshments with the SIS White Sugar Cubes. By adding one cube at a time, you achieve the perfect sweet taste for your favourite beverages. These cubes are methodically and meticulously processed from 100% pure sugarcane to deliver an exotic sweet flavour. They dissolve quickly and blend well with your drinks. You can carry and use these cubes even at work or while travelling to make every moment of your day all the more sweet and sugary.

Product Information

Brand SIS
Content 450g
Type Sugar Cubes
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