Whiskas Kitten Ocean Fish Flavor with Milk Dry Food for Kittens Aged 2-12 Months 1.1kg

QAR 30.50
QAR 30.50

Whiskas Kitten Ocean Fish Flavor with Milk Dry Food for Kittens Aged 2-12 Months 1.1kg

Product Summary


  • TAILOR-MADE NUTRITION FOR KITTENS: A perfect balance between Omega 3 from Ocean Fish, carbohydrates, water, fat, zinc, and vitamins. Made with all natural ingredients to keep your kitten living a healthy lifestyle.
  • HEALTHY BONE AND BODY GROWTH: Whiskas Ocean Fish with Milk for Kittens dry food is enriched with calcium and phosphorus, including vitamin D so you won't have to worry about your kitten's healthy growth.
  • HEALTHY IMMUNE SYSTEM: Your kitten at the age of 2-12 months is at the most crucial age to receive the right nutrients for the strengthening of their immune system. These kibbles contain natural antioxidants based upon vitamin E to help boosting it
  • ENERGY FOR PLAY: What could be better for kittens than scrumptious food? energy for play! these kibbles have chosen high-quality protein and fat to give kittens the energy they need for play, along with exceptional flavor.
  • CONVENIENCE FOR OWNERS AND CATS: Whiskas is convenient to keep and store once opened due to its longer shelf life. Your kitten will also find convenience in eating measured smaller volumes which is helpful for those that prefer to graze throughout the day


A healthy, energetic growing kitten needs specialized care and nutrition, and Whiskas kitten Ocean Fish Flavor with Milk is a balanced dry kitten food mix that offers moisture and sustenance. An abundance of calcium, phosphorus, proteins, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals are combined with a kitten's love of fish to help it maintain its fur, heart health, weight, skin, teeth, muscles, bones, and overall immunity. Feeding picky eaters dry kitten food allows them to enjoy a luscious, healthy meal while also nourishing their bodies from the inside out. Our recipes are specially formulated to help your kitten grow into a healthy adult cat. Our formula also contains taurine, which helps improve eyesight and reduces the risk of heart disease. So, if you're looking for a tasty way to keep your feline happy, Whiskas Kitten Ocean Fish with Milk Dry Food is the perfect fit!

Product Information

Content 1.1kg
Brand Whiskas
Type Cat Food
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