Wonder Women Bubble Gum Strawberry, 14.5 g

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QAR 0.75

Wonder Women Bubble Gum Strawberry, 14.5 g

Product Summary


  • Offers a delightful burst of sweet and tangy strawberry flavour in every chew
  • The packaging features iconic Wonder Woman branding, making it a perfect treat for fans of this iconic superhero
  • Each piece of bubble gum is designed for maximum bubble-blowing fun, providing hours of entertainment
  • Ideal for sharing with friends and family during parties, gatherings, or as a fun surprise
  • Bubble gum is a timeless and beloved treat that evokes nostalgia and joy in both kids and adults
  • Collectible packaging makes it a great addition to superhero-themed collections or as a novelty item


Product Description

Unleash your inner superhero with Wonder Women Bubble Gum in luscious Strawberry flavor, packed into a convenient 14.5g package. Each chew is an adventure in itself, as the delightful strawberry taste bursts onto your taste buds. Just like the fearless Wonder Women, our bubble gum offers an extra dose of excitement with every chew, and the pocket-sized packaging ensures you can take your power-packed treat with you wherever you go. Embrace the sweetness and empowerment of Wonder Women Bubble Gum Strawberry, and let your taste buds soar on a strawberry-scented adventure.

BrandLuLu PL
Content14.5 g
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