Comfort Spring Dew Fabric Softener, 3 Litre + 1 Litre

QAR 24.50
QAR 24.50

Comfort Spring Dew Fabric Softener, 3 Litre + 1 Litre

Product Summary

  • Comfort Fabric Softener Spring Dew gives your clothes the softness of floral essence
  • With Comfort Fabric Spring Dew, your clothes will ooze out the fragrance the way you want and give your laundry a fresh feel after every wash
  • Keeps the clothes breathing with floral fragrance
  • Just add Comfort softener to the final rinse water by simply using the no mess cap to dose straight into the top load
  • It also protects the colors of clothes

Product Description

Experience the delightful touch of floral essence with Comfort Spring Dew Fabric Softener, ensuring your clothes embody the softness you crave. Infused with a captivating fragrance, your laundry will emanate a fresh and invigorating feel after every wash. This fabric softener not only provides a gentle touch but also allows your clothes to breathe with its floral aroma, creating an aura of freshness. Conveniently dose Comfort softener into the top load during the final rinse with the innovative no-mess cap, making it a hassle-free addition to your laundry routine. As an added benefit, Comfort Spring Dew Fabric Softener acts as a guardian for your clothes' colors, ensuring they remain vibrant and beautiful.

Product Information

Brand Comfort
Content 3 Litre + 1 Litre
Type Fabric Softener Diluted
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