Are You Eating Enough Fruits & Vegetable Daily?

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Are You Eating Enough Fruits & Vegetable Daily

Good Quality Fruits and Vegetables are important in your diet. We all know this, but we always underestimate to add enough fruits and vegetables in our diet. we need enough quantity of fruits and vegetables to prevent chronic disease, stay healthy, manage our weight and maximize our workouts.

A rich diet of fruits and vegetables can reduce the risk of stroke and heart disease, prevent some type of cancer and diabetes, and control blood pressure. We must add enough fruits and vegetables in our diet to get significant health benefits. Fruits and vegetables have enough vitamins and minerals to maintain overall health.

It is good time to remind people to add more fruits and vegetables in diet for their health benefits. Because eating fresh fruits and vegetables not only reduce the risk of diseases and illness but also can make you more attractive. More consumption of fruits and vegetables develops healthful glow with lovely shades on your face that makes you more attractive.

add fruits and vegetables in your diet and stay healthy


Go through these tips to boost your daily intake:

  • Create a goal to start eating one extra fruit or vegetable a day. Increase your diet slowly towards recommended amount.

  • Make an omelet with leftover veggies or add dried fruits, yoghurt, oatmeal, strawberries or blackberries to boost your breakfast.

  • A leafy green fruit smoothie is a healthy and delicious way to incorporate fruits and vegetables in diet. It can be taken in the morning or afternoon both time.

  • Try a banana and almond butter, raspberries and yoghurt or carrot and hummus in between meals.

  • Try Roasting vegetables at a high heat. Roasting does wonder by bringing nutty and sweet flavor to veggies.

  • Always try something new to taste variety in the spice of life. Checkout new fruits and vegetables that you never tried that’s in season.

  • Add veggies to your desserts for an added boost of nutrition in your food to make more healthier and tasty.


Always keep in mind that only having daily meals are not enough to get required vitamins and minerals to our body. We also need additional foods, vegetables and fruits to be healthier.