Choosing Smart TV based on Your Entertainment Needs

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Choosing Smart TV based on Your Entertainment Needs

Smart TV is a technological convergence between computer, flat-screen television and set-top boxes. Besides the traditional broadcasting media’s functions of television and set-top box, Smart TV devices also provides online interactive media, Internet TV, on-demand streaming media and home networking access. A television set which is integrated with internet and “Web 2.0” features is called Smart TV.

Smart TVs mostly having preloaded operating systems, software applications “app” or can be installed and updated via marketplace or App-store. Smart TVs can be connected to external devices like set-top box, gaming consoles, digital media players, smartphones, and other network-connected interactive devices that utilize TV-type display outputs to allow viewers to play movies, videos, photos, TV Shows and other satellite TV channel, web, cable or local storage device contents.

Screen Size

We know that smart TVs comes in different sizes. Before shopping for a smart TV, consider a place where you are planning to put that TV and then have a specific size in your mind. Not only size, you must consider your budget.

Apart from the size, also consider the TV distance from the viewer. If you have no idea how to calculate the screen’s ideal size, freely ask the professionals to advice available at retail stores.

Screen Type

Screen Type refers to the used screen or panel for TVs. We all heard about LCD, Plasma and LED TVs. In consumer market, plasma TVs are no longer and most of the brands are using LED and OLED TVs.

LED- Light Emitting Diode TVs, the most popular type of available TVs in the market that offers amazing picture quality. LEDs are extremely thin and being used to light up the screens in HD Ready, Full HD and Ultra HD TVs.

OLED- Organic Light Emitting Diode TVs, as the next standard of TVs is being considered now. In comparison to LED TVs, OLED TVs offers better picture quality, amazing contrast, and wide viewing angles and blur free pictures. OLED TVs are thinner and little expensive, if you compare with LED TVs.

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Screen Resolution

Resolution term means a screen’s number of pixels. The more pixels your screen have, the display quality will be sharper and better to watch. Screen size and resolution both are very important factors. You need more pixels if looking for larger screen for getting clarity and sharpness in display quality.

If you are looking to buy a smart TV which screen size is more than 40 inches, then go for 4K resolution. 4K is also mentioned as “ULTRA HD” on some brands TVs.

Connectivity Features

Smart TVs provide many possible ways to connect to available source of contents like, HDMI Ports, USB Ports, VGA Ports, Headphone Jack, Built-in Wi-Fi, Ethernet Port, Bluetooth etc.

Smart TVs also have features that allows us to connect to the internet to access online video streaming, social networking, games, web browsing and lots of more things.