Things to Consider Before Buying a laptop

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Things to Consider Before Buying a laptop

Buying a laptop is not an easy task. Most of the people got confused as there are so many manufacturers having same type of software and hardware configuration in a different price range for a laptop. Many people do research for a particular laptop on the web before buying a laptop. Some goes at shop to get more information for a laptop they are looking to buy.

In this technology growing era, laptop features, design are evolving so fast. As the manufacturer is developing better features in a laptop as Design, CPU, RAM, Connectivity etc. companies like Intel continuously working on to make the processor as fast as possible to fulfil the user need and latest trends.

Basically, it depends upon your requirements, use and work why should you are buying a laptop. But there are many things you need to keep in mind while going to shop a new laptop.

Budget: The most important thing which ultimately decides all factors is budget. First, we should put a budget before buying a laptop as per our requirement. Everyone having their own purchasing power, so we should keep in mind our budget, then it will be good to look for laptops in that particular budget range.

Screen Size & Quality: these both factors also matter when buying a laptop because most of laptops comes in different screen sizes as 13.3, 14.0 and 15.6 are common. Screen size depends upon your work and comfort to carry.

As you will be staring at your laptop screen for many hours every day, so it must be clear that screen is comfortable for you to work. It is recommended to opt for full HD Screen with anti-glare features that will be comfortable to work and watch movies, and another side the anti-glare is a anti reflection coasting on screen.

CPU(Processor) & GPU: In market, many laptops come with CPU of two brands- AMD and Intel. Intel’s Core based CPUs- Core i3, Core i5, Core i7 laptops and AMD processor-based laptops are available to shop. Both are decent in use, but intel is been considered more advanced and expensive that AMD. choose a laptop with CPU as per your requirement.

Similarly, choose the graphics card also as per use and requirement. Most of Intel Core processors have got integrated powerful graphics to perform any graphics intensive task easily.

RAM: RAM is the physical memory for any system or laptop which helps to speed up the application’s processing and running the more application at the same time. At least, 4GB RAM or higher is recommended in laptop you are buying.

Storage: A good storage also need to store the data as docs, projects, files, software, movies, photos, videos and any other important data. Most of the low-priced laptops comes with 320GB, or 500GB Hard drives storage. Choose as per your budget but it is recommended to opt for 500GB, 1TB or more.

If you want a speedy task performing the you should prefer for SSD. As it is faster than normal HDD, SSDs are quite expensive too. SSD will be found in most of the high-end laptops.

Operating System: before buying a laptop, it should be clear that which Operating system you are preferring because if you are preferring Windows 10 OS (or any windows OS), then Dell, hp, Lenovo, Xiaomi and so many options available for you but if you are going for Mac OS then the one and only option you have Apple MacBook. You should be aware about that in your laptop OS is pre-installed or not.

Battery Life: battery life is also important for the laptop you are buying, as laptop is a portable device and can be used anywhere so it should have a decent battery life. Poor battery life laptops always interrupts the work.

 Battery life is depending on many variables like screen resolution, screen brightness, and what tasks you run. Check the battery rating in Watt-hours and mAh. A good rating and powerful battery can provide you best results.

Connectivity: most of the laptops need to connect something whether it is a thumb drive, external hard drives, external display or USB. So, laptop should have at least 2 USB 3.0 ports. This is for obvious reasons some time we can plug in a keyboard or conventional mouse. If you are a photo editor, then SD card slots are also great to find in your laptop.

Brand and Warranty: after checking all the thing you must check the brand for laptop you want to buy and warranty what they will provide. There are many leading brands- Apple, Dell, hp, Lenovo, Xiaomi etc available in the market. Choose wisely what comes in your range with good configuration. As many companies also provides extended warranty offers, ask about it before buying a laptop.