Things to know before buying a Washing Machine: Buying Tips

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Things to know before buying a Washing Machine: Buying Tips

Washing machine is one of the most amazing gifts of the modern technology and now it has become such an integral part of ours days to day functioning. It been very difficult to imagine our life without washing machine nowadays. Because washing laundry is the most difficult thing to do. Everyone who using it knows very well how it saves our lot of time and keeps us hassle free.

Before you buy any appliance, it is important to access the functionality, utility and budget so that your need is defined properly. There are many factors to be considered in specific to the washing machine- type of clothes, size of your laundry, usage frequency, the available space for placing the appliance, Water saving, energy usage and noise the machine makes etc.

When you are looking to shop a washing machine, it is important for you to know your needs and many other key points. So before you go to bring a washer to your home, here are the things you should know about the washing machine you are buying:

Washing Machine Types- washer can be categorized basically on loading into front and top loading machines. The top loaders can be categorized additionally by their functionality into semi-automatic washing machines and fully automatic washing machines while front loaders are only available as fully automatic in the market.

Semi-Automatic Washing Machine: A semi-automatic washing machine can contains two tubs, one for washing the laundry and the other one for drying. Once the washing cycle is complete, manually the clothes need to be take out from the washing tub and need to put in the drying tub to dry the clothes. This kind of washing machines are entry-level and the cheapest to buy.

Fully Automatic Washing Machine: this machine contains only single tub and perform a series of the tasks to accomplish washing and drying. Front loading or top loading can be chosen. Keep in mind that features in front loading and top loading washing machines can be different. So check it properly.

Washing Machine Capacity- The capacity of the washing machine depends on the size of the washer tub. It is important to get enough space to move the laundry around properly for the best cleaning results. Washing machines capacity ranges are from 4kg to 10kg. It’s up to your usages that which one you are buying.

Washtub Material- Remember, washing machine tubs are made of either, porcelain, plastic or stainless steel. Though durability of the stainless steel tub is greater but some expensive as it can withstand the high spin speed and temperature.

Wash Programs- the washing machines performs the three functions- Washing, Rinsing and Spinning in a wash cycle. The cycle selected can be depend on the fabric type you are washing. The wash programs have preset temperature, water level and spin options. This setting can be altered through a touchpad, jog dial or even remote control. Settings also can be customized and save as per your choice.

Safety Features- stability while spinning, child lock, rodent protect, auto start etc are some of the safety features which are available in many washing machines.

Spin Cycle- As the spin cycle is measured as RPM for drying. The higher the RPM the better result will be for dry your clothes. Most machines are coming in 600-1800rpm spin speed. However, spin cycle also depends on the fabric. In the wash cycle, variable spin speed in present and it is favorable as it is fabric- specific and helps to protect delicate fabrics from any type of damage.

There are many additional pointers that should be keep in mind like size and frequency, machine installation space, energy efficiency, warranty, after sales warranty and installation process etc.

Keep in mind that buying washing machine or any home appliance in for making your life easier not hassle. So check all the thing before buying.