Amazing Benefits of Mandarins for Skin, Hair & Health

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Amazing Benefits of Mandarins for Skin, Hair & Health

Mandarins are the fruits of an evergreen bush native to Asia that belongs to the Rutaceae family and are thought to own originated within the forests of China. Mandarin oranges resemble a typical orange in shape but are smaller in size and are available with a skinny peel.  Clementine, Tangor and Satsuma, Owari are a number of the most commonly available mandarin oranges. Mandarin oranges with red-orange skins are the foremost commonly found mandarin and are properly called tangerine.

Mandarins are harvested mostly during the winters and preserved mandarins are available throughout the year. Mandarin oranges are utilized in salads and may be eaten raw too. The fruit is nice and juicy and provides flavor to candies, bubble gums and frozen dessert. Mandarin peels contain essential oils that are utilized in the perfume industry and skincare preparations.

Skin Benefits of Mandarin Oranges

Vitamin C present in Mandarin is extremely good for the skin both when consumed internally and applied topically on the skin. Regular intake of mandarin juice makes the skin glow and improves the skin tone to an excellent extent. Mandarin contains the antioxidants which protect the skin from harsh UVA rays and help the skin to resist the harm caused by the sun and free radicals. It also reduces aging signs like fine lines, wrinkles, and blemishes.

It is a well-known proven fact that citrus fruits are great for skin and mandarin is not any different.


Mandarin comes full of antioxidants. It can provide 80% vitamin C of your total daily requirement. They assist in neutralizing the harmful toxic effects of free radicals. This makes your skin look younger and healthy.

Improved Skin Tone:

Mandarins are a decent source of vitamin C and E. Both these are essential for healthy-looking skin. Regular intake of mandarins greatly improves the complexion. It also gives you flawless and blemish-free skin.

Glowing Skin:

Mandarins associate with plenty of dietary fiber. This makes it easy to cleanse the system. It flushes out all harmful toxins from one’s body. This provides a healthy and natural glow to your face.

Heals Wounds:

Mandarin oil (extracted from mandarins) is found to help grow new cells and tissues. This helps in healing wounds faster.

Fights Wrinkles:

Mandarins are popular for fighting signs of aging like wrinkles and fine lines. They will be either consumed raw or as juice and may be applied topically also.

Hair Benefits of Mandarin Oranges


The antioxidant properties of mandarins help fight pollution. Hence they protect your hair by conditioning them.

Shine and Bounce:

You can topically apply mandarin juice to the hair and wash it thoroughly thereafter. Instant shine and bounce are going to be visible in your hair. Ensure you apply the mandarin juice only after adding it to your hair tonic.

Health Benefits of Mandarin Oranges

Mandarin oranges do far more than providing a pleasing taste. There are several mandarin orange health benefits like preventing cancer and weight gain.

Vitamin C:

Mandarins contain a high level of vitamin C which provides a variety of health benefits. Vitamin C helps to fight a variety of unstable molecules in our body referred to as free radicals through its antioxidant properties. We all are awake to the fact that free radicals within the body can cause communicable diseases and cancer. The antioxidants present in mandarins disarm radical and stop cellular damage.


Research has revealed that mandarins can lower the chance of developing cancer of the liver. The carotenoids present mandarin oranges because of high vitamin A, which has shown to scale back the danger of cancer of the liver. Mandarin juice given to hepatitis C patients didn't develop cancer of the liver due to its high beta-cryptoxanthin content. Mandarin features a high level of limonene which has anti-cancer effects and also helps to stop carcinoma.

Blood Pressure:

Mandarins also help to lower blood pressure levels. They contain nutrients and minerals like potassium that lowers the vital sign. Mandarins keep the blood flow moves smoothly through the arteries which keep the vital sign normal.

Cholesterol Problems:

Mandarins produce synephrine which curbs the assembly of cholesterol within the body. The antioxidants present in Mandarin help to LBC (lower bad cholesterol) and promote good cholesterol. Mandarin’s combat the free radicals that oxidize the cholesterol which makes the cholesterol stay to the artery walls. Further, they contain soluble and insoluble fiber like hemicellulose and pectin which prevents cholesterol absorption within the gut.           

Weight Loss:

Mandarins are a considerable source of fiber. Fiber-rich foods keep the stomach full for an extended period of your time and reduce the will or ought to eat more food, assisting in weight loss. Doctors have found that eating mandarin oranges benefits to lower insulin, thus rather than storing sugar and converting them to fats, it uses it as a fuel that results in weight loss.

Healthy Immune System:

Vitamin C in Mandarin is instrumental in preventing cold and is significant for the right functioning of a healthy system. Because of its anti-microbial properties, mandarins prevent wounds from getting septic and from viral, fungal and bacterial infections. Mandarins prevent spasm within the digestive and systema nervosum thus prevents cramps and vomiting. Mandarin may be a natural blood purifier that helps to flush out toxins and unwanted substances from the body.