High- Protein Fruits for Your Healthy Diet

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High- Protein Fruits for Your Healthy Diet

There is a lots of curiosity, when it comes to the dietary sources of protein. This is only because it is not just the supply of the essential micro-nutrient matters for you, but the nutrients profile and the packaging of the source food also helps to impact your health.

This is why, despite being rich in protein, red meats may not be considered as good source of protein as they are also rich in saturated fat. Any healthy and good protein source should not just have good amount of it, but I should also have a range of beneficial and healthy nutrients. In addition, the healthy source of the protein must have low cholesterol level and saturated fats. This is the reason behind there has been a lots of talk about the need to switch the plant-based sources protein from animal.

Protein-Rich Fruits

The fruits are very rich in rainbow of nutrients, right from all the essential vitamin that are playing important role in maintaining the various body functions health, to energizing the natural sugar and the satiating fibre. Traditionally, fruits are not rich in protein and generally they are not expected to be- they contains higher levels of the important nutrients including carbohydrates and fibre. But they still offering some amount of the protein and my still be included in healthy diet when paired with the order healthier lean protein sources. However, you cannot rely on even these protein-rich fruits consumption to fulfill your daily intake recommended to you for protein.

Some Protein-Rich Fruits for You That Can be considered:

Raisins- Raisin is the humble dried fruit which is a fixture in almost all the festive offerings and also added to a whole range of the desserts. These golden raisins are nothing but dried or de-hydrated grapes. As per the data by the US Department of Agriculture, a 100gm raisin portion contains 3gms of proteins.

Guava- Guava fruit is rich in vitamin C and savoured raw, as juice and rinks for a flavourful punch and even added in salads. This fruits is also rich in fibre and the 100gm portion of it contains almost 2.6gms of proteins.

Dates- Dates, a sugary sweet fruit has been consumed in the Middle-Eastern countries as a steple for centuries now. Pitted dates are stuffed with a variety of the ingredients and it’s even been consumed in the form of the milkshake’s sweetening paste and some baked goods as well. As per the data by the US Department of Agriculture, 100gm dates portion contains almost 2.45gm protein and 8gm fibre.

Prunes- Prunes are another dried fruits that are relatively rich in protein. The prunes are made by de-hydrating the ripened plums and along with some important micro-nutrients, it contains a range of the essential vitamins and minerals. The 100gm portion of the prunes includes the 7gms of dietary fibre and 2.18gm protein as well.

Avocado- Although, Avocado has a healthy fat source reputation, it contains a relatively high protein amount too. This fruits also have the monounsaturated fatty acids which helps to reduce the bad cholesterol. Avocados also contains a plenty of the potassium which regulates the blood pressure and keeps you healthy.

There are many fruits also like Kiwifruit, Dried Apricots, Blackberries, Grapefruits etc which having a good amount of the protein helpful to our health and can be added to our diet. We must include fresh fruits and dry fruits & nuts to our diet to get more health benefits!