Things to do with Lemons

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Things to do with Lemons

As we know lemons are nature’s one of the coolest and versatile gift on the planet. It is believed to have originated in Asia (Southeast) and it’s been spread to North Africa and Spain during middle ages.

Aromatic, juicy and highly acidic lemons bring out the flavor in your savory and sweet foods. Most of the people can agree that lemons are great for summertime dessert and drinks. It also play a very supportive role in the kitchen.

Certainly, lemons are not only for eating these days. There are so many uses of lemons that just add to their awesomeness. Let’s check out the unusual and amazing uses of lemons:

Skin Moisturizer- Thinly sliced lemon can be laid on an area of the dry skin. Then the juice your skin will soak from lemon will help to moisten your skin making it less flakey naturally.

Soothe the scratches & Bug Bites- antibacterial properties in lemon helps to heal the bug bites and scratches very quickly. Just need to put a drop or two of lemon juice on the place of bug bite or scratches.

Whiter and Stronger Nails- Soaking your fingers in the mixture of a cup of vinegar and a few tablespoons of lemon juice can make your nails whiten them as well as strengthen.

Reduce Pimples and Blackheads- if you have pimples or blackheads, just dab the lemon juice on the blackheads or pimples and leave it for overnight. In morning just normally wash your face and you will be surprised.

Mold Remover- The smarter way to remove the mold is spray lemon juice on mold, the juice will sat for a bit there, just clean the mold and wipe it down with vinegar and lemon juice to disinfect it.

Natural Stain Remover- Adding a cup of lemon juice to the laundry for a stain remover and natural scent booster. It will help to sparkle your whites.

Keep Sliced Food from Browning-  Just dip the slices of cut potatoes, avocados, Apples and more with lemon slices to keep their natural colors and looking fresh.

Removing Foods Smell- if hands smell like onions, just dip hands in lemon juice and water filled sink for a few minutes. Later wash it normally. The smell will go easily!

Get Rid of Bad Fridge Odors- To get rid of bad fridge odors, just take a sponge and soak it with lemon juice, Place it on a plate and keep it in your refrigerator overnight. The bad odors will be gone.

Lemon and its juice can be helpful for many other things like as insect deterrent, glass cleaner, sore throat soother, lightening freckles and age spots, metabolism booster and much more. So next time when you buying lemon, remember its other unusual uses!