Tissue paper manufacturers are responsible for an important industry. People consume different kinds of paper products every day. This requires manufacturers to produce products in a wider range. Tissue papers vary in quantity. They can be formed as facial tissue, toilet tissue, paper towels, hygienic tissues, table napkins, packing tissue, and more. There are a few qualities of paper that tissue paper manufacturers must focus on. Such as weight, absorbency, thickness, specific volume, brightness, and making the product visually aesthetic. Besides these features, manufacturers should be careful about hygiene and packaging.

Hygiene is important for consumers. It affects their decisions on whether they will buy the product again or not. And the packaging is what makes the product stand out amongst the other products that are on the shelf. We have a good range of paper napkins and other paper products that are created with high-quality standards and materials. The tissue production process is based on the manufacturing of raw materials such as virgin pulp and waste paper. The supply chain involves many firms in the pulp industry. All the pulp comes from certificated forests.

Tissue Paper Manufacturing Process

In the first step, Large Tissue Jumbo roll will be placed onto the tissue paper-making machine.

Later, manually we should drag one end of the tissue paper roll carefully and feed it to the rollers till the cutting machine.

And then we should switch on the machine and adjust the machine rotation such that, the tissue paper roll slowly starts to revolve and push the paper through the rollers.

These rollers usually contain small perforations on them which helps to make small bulge-shaped holes in the tissue paper which is called embossing. This process helps in increasing the thickness of the tissue paper, absorption, and gives softness to the tissue napkin.

Once the tissue paper embossing is completed it will be moved to the printing unit, which applies a design onto the tissue paper. This can be an optional set-up where you can switch off so that, you can make plain tissue papers.

Next, the tissue paper will pass through a folding drum where the tissue paper will be passed through two highspeed rollers.

These rollers push the tissue paper towards the cutting machine which separates the large tissue paper into small portions depending upon your required size.

Finally, these tissue papers can be packed into different packet sizes like 50, 70, or 100.

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