Qbake- A New and Exciting Range of Delightful Products

With the launch of the Qbake brand in 2009, Mesaieed Bakery has today grown to become one of the leading industrial bakeries in Qatar, producing products to suit the palates of a diverse group of nationalities. We not only produce traditional staples like Khubz and Lebanese breads, but also new and exciting range of delightful products such as Sliced bread, Buns & Rolls, Cakes & Muffins, filled Croissant & Puffs. 

Qbake has become a well-recognized brand in the market. A robust distribution system ensures that everyone enjoys our fresh & finest products every day.

Having the largest production and distribution of “Khubz” we play a significant part in the social objective of providing fresh and affordable daily staple food to the residents of Qatar. 


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