Fairy Gentle Sensitive Aloevera Dishwash, 675 ml

QAR 11.50
QAR 11.50
Fairy Gentle Sensitive Aloevera Dishwash, 675 ml

Product Summary


  • A mild cleaning solution designed specifically for those with sensitive skin and allergies
  • It has a light, non-irritating aroma that will not overpower your senses
  • Cleans your dishes effectively by removing oil, food residues, and stains
  • Aside from dishes, it may also be used to clean different kitchen surfaces and equipment


Get the Fairy Gentle Sensitive Aloe Vera Dishwash in a convenient 675 ml bottle, designed with care for with sensitive skin and a penchant for gentle yet effective cleaning. This dermatologically tested dishwashing liquid is formulated with the soothing essence of aloe vera, making it ideal for those who need a kinder approach to dish cleaning. It is tough on grease and food residues, leaving your dishes spotless while being gentle on your hands. Say goodbye to worries about skin irritations and get the comfort of Fairy Gentle Sensitive Aloe Vera Dishwash. Enjoy a cleaner and more pleasant dishwashing experience, all while caring for your skin's well-being.

Product Information

Brand Fairy
Content 675 ml
Type Dishwashing Liquids
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