Quanta Mini Almond Ice Cream Stick 6 x 50 ml

QAR 15.00
QAR 15.00

Quanta Mini Almond Ice Cream Stick 6 x 50 ml

Product Summary


  • Creamy vanilla flavoured ice cream dipped in milk chocolate coating with roasted almonds
  • Hygienically packed and stored to ensure safety
  • Can be served as a snack or dessert
  • Ideal addition to milkshakes, smoothies, and custards
  • Can also be used as a topping on waffles and pancakes


Product Description

Treat yourself to the Quanta Mini Almond Ice Cream Stick, featuring creamy vanilla-flavoured ice cream, impeccably dipped in a luscious milk chocolate coating and adorned with roasted almonds. This frozen delight is crafted with care and stored in a hygienic manner, ensuring both safety and exquisite taste. The Quanta Mini Almond Ice Cream Stick brings the perfect blend of creaminess and nutty delight to your palate.


  • Eating ice cream can trigger the release of endorphins, which can boost mood and reduce stress and anxiety
  • The sugar and fat content in ice cream can provide a quick energy boost when needed
  • Store in your freezer at around -20C (-4F) to maintain its creamy texture
Product Information

Type Ice Cream Sticks & Cones
Content 6 x 50ml
Brand Quanta
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